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KM Legal Costs was established in February 2017 by Kath Mitton, who graduated with a Bachelor of Laws from QUT in 2010. Whilst not a solicitor, Ms Mitton has been working in the field of costs since 2006 and has extensive experience in the preparation of Costs Statements and short form assessments.


KM Legal Costs is based in Ipswich and has clients from all over Queensland. Courier services can be arranged for the collection and delivery of your file at a time convenient to you.

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KM Legal Costs offers attention to detail and prompt services in the drafting of Costs Statements and short form assessments. If you obtain a costs order in your favour in court proceedings, we can draft the Cost Statement/bill of costs for you to serve on the Costs Respondent in order to begin the costs process of recovering costs for your client. Short form assessments can be useful, particularly in estate or personal injury matters, where the other side has agreed to accept the assessment or alternatively to obtain an idea of standard or indemnity costs when negotiating terms of settlement. Further, itemised bills can be prepared in solicitor/own client matters where a client has requested an itemised bill or you wish to have an itemised bill assessed.

Our aim is to maximise your recovery of costs.

Our fees for Costs Statements and short form assessments are detailed below, however we are happy to discuss our rates and payment terms so that we can offer a cost effective service to you.

Costs Statements

Party & Party (Standard) and Indemnity

We can assist when a costs order is made in your client's favour in court proceedings.


Our fees for preparing Costs Statements will be based on the relevant scale of costs (drafting, producing and care and consideration).


We have experience in drafting Party and Party Costs Statements in the Magistrates Court, District Court, Family Court, Federal Court and High Court.

We offer a 5% discount for the first job done for your firm.

Short form assessments

Informal assessments

Short form assessments (or informal assessments) are essentially a summary of a Costs Statement, that is, it would contain details of how many letters, telephone calls, perusals etc without fully itemising the work. This is useful particularly in personal injury matters when negotiating a settlement. 

Short form assessments are often prepared on a Solicitor/Own Client basis for law firms who wish to use the amount of the assessment as a basis for the invoice issued to the client.

Fees for preparation of short form assessments are 6% plus GST of the total assessed professional fees. In addition to the initial 5% discount for the first job, we offer ongoing discounts for regular work (ie ongoing Solicitor and Own Client short form assessments.

Itemised bills

Solicitor and Own Client

In some instances, your client may request an itemised bill from you. We can prepare this on your behalf.

Alternatively, a client may be disputing your fees and you may wish to have an itemised bill prepared so you can go through the assessment process and recover your fees.

Our fees for preparing Solicitor and Own Client itemised bills/Costs Statements will be based on the Supreme Court scale of costs rates (drafting, producing and care and consideration).

Please contact us to discuss how we can assist with the drafting of Costs Statements and assessments.

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